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Importance of Prague Castle

Prague Castle is famous for being the biggest castle in the world. The castle is one of the most important historical and cultural buildings in the Czech Republic. Prague Castle is the most incredible ancient castle globally, which covers an area of 45 hectares. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Castle Prague is the largest castle complex globally.

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How old is Prague Castle?

The Castle Prague was built in the 9th century. The architect, Matthias of Arras, started the construction of the Prague Castle in 870. during the reign of Bořivoj, a member of the Přemyslid family

What are the beginnings of Prague Castle?

Bořivoj moved from Levý Hradec to a Slavic settlement on the hill above the Vltava River. The first Prague Castle palace was mainly wooden. The church of the Virgin Mary is the first stone building within the Castle Prague complex. The second church as part of the Prague Castle is St. George Basilica, founded by Vratislaus I. In 973, Prague Castle was the seat of the Prague bishop. The highest representative of the church. Prague Castle was also the seat of the head of the state. The castle in the Czech Republic took up 6 hectares in the 10th century. Thanks to Soběslav I, the stone princely Prague Castle palace was built, and several towers strengthened new fortifications. The Black Prague Castle tower is best preserved.

Prague Castle during the reign of Charles IV and Vladislav II?

During the reign of Charles IV, the Gothic Castle Prague became the imperial residence. He rebuilt the royal Castle Prague palace with All Saints Chapel. During the reign of Vladislav II, Benedikt Rejt built Vladislav Hall and carried out generous constructional modifications. Including building new fortifications, defense towers, and extending the royal Castle Prague palace. Gothic style was recessed, and the new building within the Castle Prague complex has the renaissance touch.

Where can you see the influence of the Renaissance style in Prague Castle?

There was the direct influence of the new-style Italian art during the reign of Ferdinand I (of Habsburg). The castle in the Czech republic is modified into a comfortable Renaissance castle with gardens. The Royal Summer House, typical Italian architecture, was built in the Northern Royal Garden in the Castle Prague complex. 

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Famous Prague Castle architects in the 20th century

Famous architects in the 20th century who reconstructed Prague Castle are Jože Plečnik and Pavel Janák. Castle Prague modifications by Jože Plečnik affected the first and the third castle courtyards, the Castle’s Southern gardens, and the fourth courtyard with the Bastion Garden. He is the author of the Column Hall, the private premises of the president’s flat inside the Pražský Hrad. Pavel Janák became the Prague Castle architect in 1936.

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When did Prague Castle become the center of European science and culture?

In the 16th century, the Renaissance and Mannerist were at their peak. The castle in Prague in the Czech Republic became the center of European science and culture. Constructions of the Golden Lane within the Prague Castle started during the reign of Rudolf II.

When did Prag Castle Become the seat of the head of state of the Czech Republic?

After the Slovakia and Czech Republic split in 1993, the Prague Castle became the seat of the head of state of the Czech Republic.

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Prague Castle during the reign of the first Habsburgs

The Prague Castle is filled with noble palaces: the Pernštejn Palace, the Lobkowicz Palace, Rožmberk Palace, and other palaces during the reign of the first Habsburgs.

Prague Castle during the reign of the president Václav Havel?

When Václav Havel was president, there were several modifications of the interior and on the second courtyard of the castle Prague complex. Two new entrances to the castle Prague are established. The castle located in Prague housed the offices of the Czechoslovak government after the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1948.

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Interesting history facts about Prague Castle

The tradition of electric lightning in Prague Castle complex

The tradition of electric lighting on the castle located in Prague started in 1928. The lamps on Castle Prague were installed for the first time to commemorate the republic’s 10th anniversary. Prague Castle is furnished with floodlighting, activated every day after dusk until midnight or 1 a.m. during the tourist season.

The biggest reconstruction of the Prague Castle

The Czech Republic castle suffered extensive damage during the seizing by the Saxon army and the Swedes in the 17th century. Maria Theresa reconstructed Castle Prague into a representative castle complex during her reign. The Holy Cross Chapel on the Prague Castle courtyard and other buildings were built in the Theresian reconstruction era. The southern front of Castle Prague gained a unified monumental late-Baroque facade of a representative seat.

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