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The Prague Castle, also known as the Prazsky Hrad, is one of the most popular and well-known attractions of the Czech Republic. Annually around 2 million people visit Prague Castle, proving it is one of the must-visit attractions in Europe.

We are here to help you discover the best Prague Castle Tickets and hand-picked Prague Castle Tours as well as selected Prague City tours. We will also provide you with the essential visiting tips for your visit to Prague Castle and Prague City.

Visit the largest castle in the world – Prague Castle!

Located in the heart of central Europe, the Prague Castle is the most famous landmark of the Czech Republic’s capital. It’s the number one thing you need to visit once you’re in Prague. We will provide you with the essential Prague Castle visiting tips and the best selection of Prague Castle Tickets and Tours.

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Do you want a whole experience of Prague Castle and Prague city? Book a guided tour and have an unforgettable experience of your visit to the Czech Republic. Explore Prague Castle grounds by buying a ticket or by booking a Prague Castle tour.

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Besides being the official office of the Czech Republic’s President, Prague Castle is also famous for being the largest castle in the world. This 9th-century castle is not just one big building. Prague Castle is a castle complex containing a multitude of buildings, landmarks, and premises within itself. Prague Castle houses the Crown Jewels and the relics of Bohemian kings, art treasures, precious Christian relics, and essential historical documents. The Prague Castle complex was built in the 9th century in Baroque and Mannerism architecture styles. It is gorgeous and a sight worth seeing in real life. Today Prague Castle is one of Europe’s most famous attractions.

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City of Hundred Spires, known for its Old Town Square and its Astronomical Clock, has a lot to offer. Prague is known to be the heart of Central Europe and a very famous and loved tourist destination. The whole city is breathtaking and simply marvelous to wander around. The picturesque gothic and baroque buildings make the capital of the Czech Republic a real open-air museum. There are so many attractions and things to see in Prague. You will need at least 4-5 days to indeed be able to explore the heart of Central Europe – Prague. Once you’re there, one place you certainly can not miss out on visiting is the Prague Castle complex. You can explore the St. Vitus Cathedral, roam Royal Gardens, and stroll down the Golden Lane within the castle complex. Go on a cruise on the Vltava River – the biggest river in the Czech Republic. Walk across the Charles bridge

Walk throughout the history of Prague Castle

Embark on an adventure and travel to the past by visiting Prague Castle. This centuries-old, fascinating Prague attraction is on everyone’s to-visit list. And it should be on yours as well.

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If you travel to Prague, Czech Republic, you shouldn’t leave the city without visiting the Prague Castle complex. This 9th-century castle complex is widely visited and famous for a good reason. There are many different things to see and explore within the iconic Prague Castle. From Royal Gardens, Astronomical Clock, art galleries, churches to the Daliborka Tower. One thing is guaranteed, you will want to spend more time inside of Prague Castle and learn about its history and fascinating stories. To make the most out of your visit, we made a helpful guide with all the information and advice you need to know before your visit to Prague Castle.

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