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Terezin Concentration Camp Tour From Prague 2024

If you want to explore the history of the Czech Republic and events that happened during World War II just outside of Prague, we highly recommend going on the Terezin Concentration camp Tour from Prague.

What Is Terezin Concentration camp?

Terezin was a concentration camp located north of Prague in the Czech Republic during World War II. Also known as the Theresienstadt “camp-ghetto,” it existed for three and a half years between November 1941 and May 1945. 

Initially, Terezin was a holiday resort reserved for the Czech nobility. It’s located within the famous fortress Theresienstadt, built in honor of Empress Maria Theresa by Emperor Joseph II.

By 1940 the Gestapo had been assigned to turn Terezin into a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp by Nazi Germany. During the nazi occupation, it held Jews primarily from Czechoslovakia, tens of thousands of Jews deported chiefly from Germany and Austria, and hundreds of Dutch and Danish Jews. Over 150 000 Jews were sent to Terezin Camp, including 15 000 children who were held there for months or even years before being deported to Auschwitz and Treblinka death camps in Poland.

Why Should You Visit Terezin Concentration camp?

Terezin Concentration Camp is an interesting and thought-provoking place to visit. If you want to learn more about the history of WWII and what it was like to live under nazi occupation in today’s Czech republic visiting Terezin will give you a fantastic insight into what it was like back then.

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About Day Trip From Prague To Terezin Concentration Camp

Book a day trip from Prague and embark on a tour of the Terezin concentration camp. Visit the authentic Gestapo prison and gain a first-hand understanding of life in a concentration camp.

Start your day tour by departing from Prague to Terezin camp on an air-conditioned bus. During your drive, you’ll learn about the legacy and impact of WWII and the Nazi presence in the Czech Republic. Once you arrive at Terezin camp, you’ll make your way into the museum inside of the Large Fortress, which used to be an all-boys school.

Learn about the International Red Cross visit in 1944, which was exploited for Nazi propaganda purposes during a time when the camp housed Jews from all over Europe.

Learn all about the stories of people who were imprisoned in the camp. And view a propaganda film before continuing sightseeing to the cemetery and crematorium.

Cross the river and see the horrific conditions for prisoners in the Small Fortress, from Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s assassin’s cell to the Gestapo’s firing squad. The day trip bus will take you back to Prague once the Terezin tour is over.

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Day Trip Highlights

  • Get insight into the events of WWII and the Holocaust that took place in the Czech Republic.
  • Visit the Jewish Ghetto Museum and the National Jewish Cemetery.
  • Visit the Large Fortress and see its horrifying conditions
  • If you choose, you can watch the “History of Terezin” film in English.
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Everything You Need To Know Before Booking a Day Trip To Terezin Concentration Camp From Prague

The tour of Terezin Concentration Camp from Prague includes transportation in an air-conditioned bus from Prague to Terezin Memorial and back. It also includes entries to the Large Fortress, Small Fortress (the prison), and to the Ghetto Museum. You’ll be accompanied by a professional tour guide during your entire visit to the Terezin Memorial and the Ghetto Museum. This tour also includes free time, so you can explore the site on your own.

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Is Terezín worth visiting?

Suppose you are a history buff interested in WW2, Nazi history, or the camp/prison system during the war. In that case, the Terezin Concentration camp Memorial in the Czech Republic is well worth a visit.

What concentration camp is near Prague?

Terezin concentration camp is the closest concentration camp to Prague. It’s located less than 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of the capital of the Checz Republic. If you decide to visit Terezin from Prague, it will take you about an hour’s ride by bus. You can go on your own or even book an organized Terezin tour with the transfer.

What is Terezín today?

Terezín is a town with around 2,900 inhabitants, located in the Ústí nad Labem Region of the Czech Republic. A former military fortress. It consists of a citadel and a walled garrison town. Terezin’s town center is well preserved and protected by law as an urban monument reservation. Terezin is infamous for being the location of the Nazi’s notorious Theresienstadt Ghetto. Today, Terezin is now a functioning city inside the walls of the former fortress and a part of the Czech Republic. Within Terezin, a museum gives an account of the fortress’s history and the events that took place here from 1941 to 1945.
terezin concentration camp tour

From Prague: Tour of Terezin Concentration Camp

Book a fully guided day tour from Prague to Terezin Memorial. Learn about the devastating events in the Czech town that served as a concentration camp during World War II.

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Great tour

The visit to the small fortress was very interesting thanks to the on-site guide Véronika, very competent and who spoke impeccable French. She explained us so well the life of the camp that the film in English was not even useful. The visit to the museum of the great fortress and the crematorium closed this half-day in a very moving way. Thanks also to Anna, the bus guide, for her very enriching explanations.


Highly recommend

Great tour. So sad the history of the Czech people but very eye opening. More time at the places would of been good but got the overall just of the place. The young man who showed us around the camp was very helpful and had great English. The bus ride had both English and Spanish translations which all in all was sweet as!


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